Bernie Willems, Master in The World

‘I know nobody, who knows more about the history and the technical aspects of Kickboxing than Bernie Willems’, says no one less than Don “The Dragon” Wilson, eleven-time World Kickboxing Champion. He often trained with legends, such as Don “The Dragon“ Wilson, Bill “Superfoot“ Wallace, Rob Kaman, Jean-Yves Theriault, Joe Lewis, Ramon Dekkers, Peter “Sugarfoot“ Cunningham, Benny “The Jet“ Urquidez and the great Grandmaster of Taekwon-Do Grandmaster Kang Rhee in Memphis TN USA.

In 1976, Bernie Willems began his martial arts training at the age of 11 with Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing. Soon he showed an enormous talent in these disciplines so that he achieved the 1st Dan at the age of 15, handed by then Korean national trainer Ko Eui-Min. Bernie won numerous national and international titles very soon and extended his success to the United States. For the original PKA Professional Karate Association Bernie fought a 9 hard-hitting rounds full contact battle for the European Challenger.

As a great Elvis Presley fan, he won the trophy of victory at the Elvis Presley Memorial in Memphis (USA) in 1992. Recently, Bernie Willems owns the 8th Dan of Taekwon-Do and 8th Dan in Kickboxing.He produced educational videos with Don “The Dragon” Wilson and other legends that are obtainable worldwide. In more than 15 TV appearances in recent sport studios among other things he helped martial arts to a positive feedback by millions of people. In addition, he has trained with probably the most successful professional champion and film star Don “The Dragon” Wilson for over 30 years.

In this time their relationship has developed into a close and amazing friendship. Not only his students at WKA-Koblenz (Willems Kampfkunst Academy) benefits from his thorough studies, but Bernie Willems shares his knowledge of the techniques, strategies and training concepts of champions in his own educational books and DVDs.

In 2017, Bernie was honoured for his success in over 40 Years in the Martial Arts with the Title “Martial Arts Men of the Year” and became Member in the worldwide Hall of Fame. His own WKA Event “Magic of Martial Arts” in Koblenz was a big success for Childrens who need help!

In 2018, Bernie was honoured as the Master Instructor of the Year in Munich by Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock and other world class Martial Arts masters. In June 15, 2018 Bernie received the world-famous “Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award” in Atlanta who is one of his biggest in his long career. His Friendships with Legendary Joe Lewis was more then 20 Years.

In September, Bernie taught together with Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Cynthia Rothrock and other Grandmasters in Zurich and got the International Martial Arts Grandmaster Award. Also meet his great Idol Mr. Chuck Norris again and has a great Time with him together. His next Magic of Martial Arts IV Event in October 2018 was great again a grande Benefit Event for children who need Help. Many Euros again has raised for the Kids on Children Help e.V.

In 2019, the World Martial Arts Association affiliated Bernie in the “Lodge of Honour”. His great benefit event “The Magic of Martial Arts” took place in October 2019 in his home City Koblenz. More than 25 masters, Grandmasters and competitors taught their martial arts styles to hundreds of martial artists. All for children in need at this event.

The Martial Arts Association International honoured him to the “Grandmaster of the Year 2020”. At the “Munich Hall of Honour 2020” he will be honoured for his tremendous commitment of the last forty decades. His next Magic of Martial Arts IV Event in October 2020 was great again a grande Benefit Event for children who need Help. Many Euros again has raised for the Kids on Children Help e.V.

Also then , Bernie has became a great part in the new great Martial Arts Books – Masters of the Martial Arts by Andy Kunz.

In 2020 Bernie became the German Taekwondo National Coach by the ITF-Germany

In 2021 Bernie make a Comeback in Honour and Tribute of his Grandmaster Juergen Hirschgänger who has die in April. Bernie has won the Online World Championships and six other Championships in a row in the Black Belt Class Competition with his great Gae Bae Hyong Form !

His fifth Benefit Magic of Martial Arts Event in Octobre 2021 has raised with big help from INTERSPORT Germany many Euros in Material and monetary donation for Flood victims and Childrens Help in Germany

In 6 different International Martial Arts Magazin has Bernie been the Front Cover Story and be inside in many Books and DVDs about Martial Arts Masters worldwide!

2022 Bernie has won again the E-World Championships, and be on Cover of a International Taekwon-Do Magazin and a Taekwon-Do Book.

His sixt Benefit Magic of Martial Arts Event in Octobre 2022 has raised again many Euros for the I.C.H. International Childrens Help in Germany !

In August 19. he get honored for his longtime sucessful work in the world of Taekwondo in the Official Taekwon-Do Hall of Fame in New Jersey USA.

Bernie Willems lives it – A Way of Life in the World of Martial Arts

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