Lee Williams also known as THE BLACK NINJA. Is a author turned martial arts. “Harmony between writing universal images and practicing the ancient arts to blend them, has produced marvelous results.”

Lee Williams states. His mission has been to use martial art, and stories to inspire visual art. Along with team development and the pursuit of recreating a “Shinobi” lifestyle. “Being “authentic” to the Shinobi has challenges, but the pursuit is still the same.

And interesting to understand through literature and artist who’ve experienced ninpo and even lineages within Japanese history. Currently Lee Williams studies the art of Kombat Silat under the guidance of Antonio Di Salvo.

Along with weapons arts from his instructor Steve McGowan ( instructor of Chinese Martial forms) blending between multiple worlds in order to complete his image and mission to bring people together through the arts he continues to enhance himself and friends to reach the pinnacle of designed art. As the BLACK NINJA.